Jade Roller and Gua Sha: A Must For Every Freezer and Face

It’s all the rage right now, but Gua Sha and Jade Rolling has been a part of ancient Chinese Medicine for nearly 2,000 years. Originally used on the body to relive stress, muscle tightness, boost immunity and reduce inflammation, today it has made a comeback for use on the face. When used on the face the Gua Sha can firm sagging face muscles, reduce the look of wrinkles, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and aid in lymphatic drainage. 

I love keeping mine in the freezer. Especially the jade roller. I use in the am whenever I feel puffy. It is also a wonderful energizing ritual to start your day! 

Here is a wonderful article that can show you the step by step process for using the Gua Sha. When you do use it remember to not put too much pressure on your face. Some flushing is normal but the skin  should not become too pink or red, so be gentle. 


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