Why Live Toxin-Free

We use personal care, home cleaning products, and plastics every day without thinking about the thousands of chemicals that are used to create them and their environmental impact. Since 1938 there have only been 8 chemicals banned in the use of cosmetics. The FDA does not require the safety testing for many of these toxic ingredients, and doesn’t make it mandatory for these companies to list all the ingredients present in a product. This allows big companies to use whatever chemicals they would like, without full disclosure and transparency. Since there is no third party regulatory group, the big companies essentially regulate themselves. In many instances they are able to market products as “all natural” or “free from” certain chemicals, when in fact might contain harmful ingredients.

We are finding out through advocacy and research that these chemicals found in everyday products are making us sick. They have been linked to endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, delayed brain development, asthma, ADHD, learning disabilities, skin irritation and even cancer. These chemicals also place stress on our systems and can increase internal inflammation, while killing off our beneficial microbiome bacteria, which keeps us healthy. The United States is also behind in passing new laws to ban toxic chemical use, with Europe and Canada banning many of the chemicals that we still see in our personal care products today.

The average woman uses 12 products a day and the average man 6. That means most of us are putting dozens of toxic chemicals on our bodies each day. It is never too late to make the switch to cleaner alternatives. Not only are these chemicals bad for us, they are terrible for the environment, bioaccumulating, where they end up in our groundwater, soil, and oceans.

Revolutionizing hair care in a bar format that works better than most bottled shampoos and conditioners will help rid the planet of unnecessary plastic without compromising quality and performance. It simplifies the routine allowing for a beautifully minimal, luxurious shower experience that is non toxic and better for mother earth.

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