Why Sanitizing is Killing our Microbiome and The Hidden Power of Dirt

Our culture has become obsessed with disinfecting our homes, scrubbing our vegetables, washing hands and using products in our home and on our children that have disinfecting properties. All of these practices that have been marketed to us as healthy are actually killing the good bacteria on our bodies and in our gut that help to keep us healthy. A great way to make sure we don’t destroy the good guys, that naturally help us fight infection, is to get rid of the anti-bacterial soaps, cleaners, and disinfectants in our homes.  Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables without precessed foods will help to keep a persons microbiome healthy. Another great addition is to up natural probiotics, which can be done in a refrigerated pill form or taken in products like kefir,  low sugar organic yogurts, sauerkraut, kombucha and other fermented foods. When it comes to children one of the best things they can do is play in the dirt. Dirt has so many beneficial probiotics that prevent allergies, diversifies our gut bacteria and helps to protect us. We rarely spend our days gardening anymore or munching on produce pulled fresh from the earth or being around animals, which is the way our ancestors lived. Coming back to nature will not only help with allergies prevention, but will also aid the immune system in protecting oneself from pathogens. So don’t scrub those organic vegetables too much, don’t peel those carrots and give them your families knowing that they are receiving beneficial probiotics that will help them and their immune system thrive. 


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